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Why Would Your Family Pay More for Massachusetts Cremation?

There are two reasons that a family is generally willing to pay more for something. Either they don’t know there are other options available to them or cost is not an issue. In trying financial times, spending less for the same service, is certainly something to talk about. When a family is faced with a “Funeral Emergency” and the choice is cremation services, how much can you afford to pay? The total cost for our

What needs to be focused on when a family member is faced with a funeral service and cremation decision?

Let’s focus on three things – Removals, Massachusetts Cremation Services and Who can sign for a MA Cremation.

MA-Cremation-providerThis is the era where people get second and third options on nearly everything. Even when making a funeral service arrangement you need to know

"Simplicity Cremation"


Our $1,395 "Simplicity" Cremation service is complete. It includes:
  • Our licensed, professional funeral services
  • Removal from place of death or medical examiner’s office
  • Medical Examiner fees
  • Required cremation unit for transportation and cremation
  • Refrigerated sheltering of deceased
  • Transportation of your loved one to a fully licensed Massachusetts crematory
  • Cremation fee
  • Pick-up of cremated remains
Optional services available upon request.