International Funeral Services from MA to all over the world

Casper Funeral & Cremation Services specializes in International Funeral Shipping from Massachusetts to all over the World.

International Funeral Services with Casper Funeral & Cremation Services is your best choice. Our International Funeral Shipping costs are the lowest. Our flat international funeral services shipping fee is $3,840.00 for local airports plus the international airfare to send your deceased loved one back home. Our international funeral service does not receive any commission or remuneration from the airlines. Our objective is to finding the lowest and most convenient funeral shipping airline cost.

Our specialized International Shipping Program includes:

* Removal of Deceased
* State-of-art refrigeration and care of the deceased
* Preparation, sealer casket, and shipping container approved by “receiving country”
* Coordination, paperwork completion, approvals from local, state, and “receiving country”
* Booking of all international flights
* Communication with receiving country funeral provider
* Delivery and supervision onto the deceased’s international flight

“Let our family, help your family”

We have helped families faced with an international funeral shipping emergency for close to a century.
Additional transportation charges will apply if the consulate and international airline require us to transport the deceased to a specific out of area departure airport.

Call us at 800-314-1890 (toll-free) or 617-269-1930 for an International Funeral Services quotation »

International Funeral Services
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long should it take for a deceased to arrive in their foreign country and be buried?
Who coordinates all of the flights and other details?
Why Casper Funeral & Cremation Services?
What makes Casper Funeral & Cremation Services different?
What do I need to do if the deceased is at the Medical Examiner's, Nursing Home or a Hospital ?

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"International Funeral Shipping"

$3,840.00 +Airfare

Our International Funeral Shipping Service includes:
  • Our licensed, professional international funeral services
  • Removal from place of death
  • Acquire all documents required by receiving country
  • Sealer metal casket
  • TSA-Approved shipping container
  • State-of-the-Art refrigeration and care of deceased prior to shipping
  • Delivery to local international airport
Additional options available upon request.