Massachusetts Veteran Funeral Services

Low-cost Massachusetts veteran funeral direct to a national cemetery

Casper Funeral & Cremation Services provides a low-cost $2,985.00 Massachuetts veteran funeral.

What about those loyal and dedicated veterans who are without funds? Did you know that Massachusetts resident veterans and their spouse are eligible for $2,000 from Massachusetts Veterans Services? Eligibility for this $2,000 benefit is available to all Massachusetts veterans who have limited resources. It is also available to veterans and their spouse who choose cremation. We advise families through the application process for Veteran Service benefits.

As for Federal VA funeral benefits:

The VA Burial Benefits allowance of $300 and a Grave allowance of $300 may be available toward our $2,985 Direct Military Burial. These benefits are paid only if the deceased veteran meets one of three conditions: 1) The veteran must die in a VA facility 2) The veteran must be receiving a pension from the military 3) The veteran must be receiving disability from the military. If the deceased veteran doesn’t meet one of these three conditions, then there is no VA burial allowance awarded. However, these three federal eligibility conditions do not prevent a veteran from being buried in a national or state veterans cemetery.

The Casper $2,985 Direct Massachusetts Military Funeral Includes:

  • Removal charges from anywhere in Massachusetts
  • Processing all required veteran’s certification and permits
  • Metal casket
  • Transportation to the Massachusetts VA National Cemetery
  • Honor Guard for the MA Veteran
  • Professional services of the Funeral Director and Assistants

The National Cemetery grave, the opening of the grave, the grave box that goes into the grave, and the marker for the grave are all provided by the Veterans Administration in honor of the veteran’s loyal and dedicated service. The same free VA Burial Service is also provided to the spouse of the veteran.

Casper Funeral & Cremation Services has over 85 years of experience helping Massachusetts Veteran families.

Our cost for a Direct Massachusetts Veteran Funeral is only $2,985.00. In the event of need. WHY PAY MORE?

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Massachusetts Veteran Funeral
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All veterans are entitled to burial in a national cemetery or a state veteran’s cemetery. They are provided a grave marker (regardless of the cemetery), and a flag.

There will be no charges for opening or closing the grave, a vault or liner, or setting the marker in a national cemetery. If the choice is a state veteran’s cemetery, there is no charge for the veteran but a small fee for the spouse of the veteran.

Spouse and Dependants
Persons Not Eligible
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