Pre-Need Funeral Planning

Casper Funeral Home Specializes in Professional, Cost-Effective Massachusetts
Pre-Need Funeral Planning.

Casper Funeral Home specializes in funeral pre-need planning. Massachusetts allows residents who are in or about to go into a Nursing Home or Long Term Care facility to make Pre-Paid funeral arrangements. It’s part of a Medicaid approved “Spend Down Program.” We show families how to prepare a Pre-Need Funeral Trust Plan and secure ways to protect their personal savings.

Massachusetts law mandates that people in nursing homes must first use their own funds. When they reach $2,000.00 in assets they then become Medicaid eligible. On the way down to $2,000.00, there are many approved options available. For over 75 years, Casper Funeral Home has been showing people throughout Massachusetts how to protect and save their hard earned money while receiving nursing home care.

For those who simply want to make Pre-Need funeral arrangements, we are there for them as well. We show them how to develop a long term plan for their funeral services in the event of need. Some do it because they want to avoid an expense to their surviving family. Others do it because they are alone and want to be certain that if something happened to them, their funeral service plan would be pre-arranged.

Trust and confidence are very important in making Pre-Need funeral arrangements. You want a guarantee that your Pre-Need Funeral funds are placed in an “Irrevocable Trust” in compliance with all state and federal regulations and requirements. We provide every type of funeral service anywhere in Massachusetts with the utmost dignity and respect. We are there for you…wherever the need.

It is important to choose a Massachusetts funeral home provider that has the knowledge, experience and expertise to advise and guide you. We are a family-owned Massachusetts licensed funeral service provider and are A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau.

There are many available Pre-Need funeral choices that we would be pleased to discuss with you.
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